How to book

How to book

  1. First we would advise that your discuss your holiday plans with your home renal team to find out if they have a procedure or notice period in place for dialysis away from base and to check if you are fit to travel.

  2. If you are open to available options, then please contact us and we can send you a list of areas actively offering dialysis away from base in the UK, PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL UNITS ON THE MAP OFFER DIALYSIS AWAY FROM BASE.

  3. You can complete our online request form from the maps page, via our ‘contact’ page or you can email or phone us with your enquiry. Email:, Telephone: 01509808668.

  4. Once we receive your request we will respond accordingly with the options available and contact the most suitable unit to check availability for dialysis.

  5. When we receive an answer from the unit we will contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.

All paperwork between your home unit and the receiving unit will be dealt with by ourselves leaving you to enjoy your forthcoming trip.

Our website features a database of all units in the UK, this does NOT mean that all units featured have holiday slots available, currently there is still a limited number of areas across the UK offering holiday dialysis sessions

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