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In the UK, there exist only a small number of dialysis units which are exclusively dedicated to providing treatment to renal haemodialysis patients when away from their central base unit on a temporary basis. The reasons behind patients requiring this type of care can vary, for example: patient’s work commitments, family obligations or other social reasons, or for leisure/ holiday. The units which provide this type of care are known as temporary dialysis away from base (DAFB) or holiday dialysis.

Holiday Dialysis Norfolk Ltd. will be a DAFB provider and will operate in the town of North Walsham, under the name of ‘4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk’ . This will be a private nurse-led clinic (no current NHS contract in place which means there is a cost to all NHS patients of £350 per session Monday - Saturday and £400 per session on bank holidays) which will provide haemodialysis maintenance treatment for patients holidaying or travelling to the Norfolk area. The clinic will offer safe and effective haemodialysis therapy in an appropriate care setting and facilitate a convenient alternative to patients aiming to access DAFB in this area.

4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk Clinic offers the latest haemodialysis treatment through modern - top of the line – Fresenius® 5008S HDF CorDiax® HemoDialysis Machines. OL-HDF(Online hemodiafiltration) is widely recognised as a safer, more comfortable and more efficient alternative to conventional hemodialysis.

The Clinic aims to provide high quality dialysis treatment in a safe and modern setting, making you feel as guest, our skilled and caring staff provide a personal service to meet your dialysis needs.

Quality of life for dialysis dependent people is significantly improved by spending time on holiday. A stress-free dialysis treatment will enhance that experience and make your memories possible.

The clinic aims to deliver haemodialysis services that: • Are provided in a safe and secure environment in a facility which meets all the technical standards detailed in the Renal Association Guidelines. • Our Clinic will ensure that all equipment used in the delivery and monitoring of haemodialysis is CE marked and approved to ensure compliance with the relevant safety standards as per Renal Association guidelines (2009). • Water treatment standards will also comply with all Renal Association guidelines.

The clinic service aims to deliver the following outcomes:
• Patient-centred and integrated care. • Provision of care in a safe, harm-free environment. • Provision of cost-effective services. • Care delivered at the appropriate time and place. • Ensure effective communication and support between patients, families/carers, and us (the service provider)

The clinic will ensure that it adheres to all national policies and guidelines relating to infection control and decontamination. Our aim is to take all the steps required to reduce the risk of the spread of any infections to patients. This will include the provision of information to patients and carers regarding infection control processes. The clinic as a provider will ensure that all patients should be included in the clinical governance (CG) processes of the unit. By embedding CG within day to day operations there should be a commitment to monitoring clinical quality and outcomes.

Delivery of care must be safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, patient centred and sustainable. The clinic will ensure that in advance of acceptance for treatment, information is received from the patient’s base unit including dialysis prescription, medical history, and confirmation that the patient is suitable to dialyse in a nurse-led facilit4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk will ensure that the nurse staffing numbers in the haemodialysis unit is adequate to manage the delivery of quality care necessary.

The clinic has two haemodialysis machines (and one spare) connected to water filtering machines(Reverse Osmosis systems ) and will be able to treat a maximum of four patients per day, in two sessions consisting in up to four hours each, during the morning and afternoon( capacity can be doubled in the future). The service is going to be delivered by three registered nurses and one health care assistant, working on shifts most suitable to the patients’ needs and bookings. In the event of technical difficulties, or other emergencies, the clinic already has contingency systems in place. The Fresenius dialysis machine (3) are serviced by the manufacturer with a maintenance agreement in place, the technical service is provided by a qualified Fresenius technician whenever necessary or in case of technical emergencies.

A renal consultant at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has been approached and has agreed to collaborate with the clinic in case of medical emergencies. The clinic has clear protocols in place for the urgent transfer of patients for in-patient care in the event of serious medical emergencies. This may include ‘blue-light’ transfer to the nearest A&E department, or urgent transfer to the nearest main renal unit (MRU).

Patients will be supplied with hot and cold drinks and an appropriate snack during their dialysis session by the staff on duty, any other patient needs will be relieved, as necessary.

4 Seasons Dialysis Norfolk will ensure that medications required during HD are prescribed and administered. This will include intravenous fluids (saline) and medications as well as anticoagulants. All the medicine administration will be administered under the Patient Group Directions (PGD) protocol.

Because the clinic provides temporary dialysis away from base with no space to offer isolation of patients, it is reasonable that we may choose to decline referrals to treat patients who require treatments in isolation. For instance, patients who are known to be MRSA carriers or who have the potential to infect staff or other patients with hepatitis B.

Given the geographical position, the clinic is in the heart of Norfolk, being very accessible to and from any popular holiday destination in the area.

Dialysis sessions can be booked as soon as the patients completed the holiday dialysis forms, ticking all the boxes in the eligibility criteria and when the full payment has been made.

Monday -Saturday price per session is £350, Sunday (exceptional cases) and Bank holidays £400 per session.

Provisional booking can be made via website, by forwarding your request with the dates you would like to dialyse, then our staff will reply with the availability options. Your referral unit needs to contact us to discuss the special request or clinical condition. Please refer to the booking criteria listed on our website https://4seasonsdialysisnorfolk.co.uk/

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